Back-to-School Shopping? Don't Forget Kids Allergy Relief!

The end of summer into a brand new school year brings on a list of school year essentials in a rush to be bought before the kids return to school. Binders, notebooks, and pencils are all essential school supplies. However, you might be forgetting one big find that can help keep kids happy and healthy during the long fall semester. Kids allergy relief!

Natural allergy supplements are a must on this year’s school shopping list. Allergy season does not just fall in the spring. It also can roll around in many different times of the year, one of which is the fall. 

To keep kids awake, healthy, and in school, add a nondrowsy natural antihistamine to your shopping list. Here are a few things to consider when finding a natural antihistamine:

What are the side effects of kids' allergy relief tablets?

The side effects of over-the-counter antihistamines are something to evaluate when considering a natural alternative. One side effect of over-the-counter antihistamines like Diphenhydramine compared to its supplement alternatives is the drowsy effect. Medications like Benadryl® are not the best option for school-aged children as they can cause a drowsing, confused state of mind. The last thing you want is your kid sleeping through class not only from the side effects of allergies but also the side effects of the medication they are taking. Another effect of over-the-counter antihistamine ingredients like Diphenhydramine can actually be the opposite effect, hyperactivity. Around 10-15% of children can become hyperactive while using Diphenhydramine. Natural alternatives to Diphenhydramine do not have the same harsh side effects. 

Are the ingredients healthy?

Looking for natural ingredients is imperative when finding a good antihistamine supplement

Instead of harsh ingredients like Diphenhydramine, which is known for its strange effects on young children, look for simple alternatives.

  • Vitamin C, often found in fruits and vegetables, is already essential in helping the body fight allergies. Having natural antihistamines with high amounts of Vitamin C is a good natural alternative.
  • Stinging nettle leaves are another ingredient to look for, don’t worry, it's not as scary as it sounds! Stinging nettle leaves have been used holistically for thousands of years, including being an effective antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.
  • Quercetin, also found naturally in healthy food, also acts as a natural antihistamine and helps relieve symptoms of allergies like airway inflammation.
  • For kids with a chronic itchy and runny nose, Rhinosinusitis, Bromelain is a key ingredient to look out for to naturally resolve these issues. A combination of one or more of these naturally derived ingredients can create a healthy, safe, and, more importantly, effective alternative to harsh ingredients like Diphenhydramine. 

Is it easy to take?

A supplement with healthy natural ingredients is all good on paper, but another thing to consider is will your child be able to take it! Some antihistamine alternatives come in larger capsules not meant for kids. Instead, find a smaller, chewable supplement that has a conveniently good flavor. This alternative to larger capsules and bad aftertastes reduces the struggle of getting them to take it all together.